About DAL Motors

In 1994, DAL Motors rose over the horizon of the Sudanese automotive industry, setting new standards for excellence, customer experience, operational agility; quality of service, reliability and efficiency.

DAL Motors represents a cornerstone of the Engineering Division of DAL Group- Sudan largest business conglomerate.

The best or nothing

By 2005, DAL Motors was already established as a powerhouse and valuable brand name in the Sudanese automotive market. Thanks to the clear strategic intent, comprehensive market insights and ambitious vision of the company owners who foresaw a large growing market, DAL Motors succeeded in putting the jewel in the crown when the Stuttgart headquartered German multinational corporation Daimler AG awarded the company- in October 2005- the exclusive general distributorship of Daimler AG brands and products spearheaded by the world most prestigious brand Mercedes-Benz. This quantum leap firmly solidified the company’s position at the forefront of the market of luxury cars and commercial vehicles.

The company provides sales, service and parts for the full range of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and commercial vehicles across the four corners of Sudan. The Mercedes-Benz brand is a leader in innovation, technology, safety; reliability, greater longevity, luxury and quality of life, hence established itself as a kingpin of the automotive industry and carved its name into the mind of every automobile aficionado.

“The best or nothing” is the Mercedes-Benz slogan that personifies and encompasses what Daimler AG stands for. And since the mind-set of all Mercedes-Benz drivers and enthusiasts is luxury, safety, high quality and success driven DAL Motors is committed to help the brand clients to extend their experience by offering high quality service and solutions, and one way we do this is by giving our Mercedes-Benz customers a royal treatment.

In 2015, the company celebrated the 10th anniversary of its partnership with the Mercedes-Benz brand under the tagline “10 Years, The Star is Shining with DAL Motors”.

“The love of inventing never dies”- Karl Benz