Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

Making sure your Mercedes-Benz stays a Mercedes-Benz:
  • Excellent quality, proven safety and reliability.
  • Developed specifically for your vehicle.
  • The best choice when it comes to your vehicle's handling characteristics, comfort and value retention.
  • Durability and outstanding value for money.

Why use Mercedes-Benz Genuine Spare Parts?

Mercedes-Benz brand is a leader in innovation, technology, safety; reliability, greater longevity, luxury and quality of life. These values urged Mercedes-Benz R&D team make Mercedes-Benz genuine spare parts materials undergo long hours of comprehensive product test- in both laboratory and on the roads- under extreme conditionsbefore going to the final stages of a very stringent manufacturing process, ensuring very high quality and greater longevity and reliability of the final products: “We test the hard way for your safety”. No wonder Daimler AG spent 8.711 billion EURO in 2017 alone on Research and Development. All this is to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz vehicle always performs at its best and stays a Mercedes. Each Mercedes-Benz genuine spare part comes with 24 months unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty.

At the other end of the spectrum, the time and type of failures related to theuse of fake or counterfeit spare parts is never predictable, but one thing is certain is that the consequences of counterfeit parts are life threatening and the risk involved is undoubtedly great. Be it brake discs, brake pads, headlamps; safety belts, tying rods,electronic sensors or engine parts none-genuine Mercedes-Benz spare parts are defective and inevitably compromise the safety, comfort, convenience and longevity of your vehicle and put your life and the life of others and your beloved ones at a considerable risk as they are not tested to the same Mercedes-Benz standards. Fake parts are always made of inferior materials as counterfeiters are never concerned about your vehicle or safety, but what counts to them is maximum profits.

Always make sure to use Mercedes-Benz genuine spare parts as they are made by the same people who made your best quality Mercedes-Benz vehicle. And always remember that “almost” takes you nowhere, “the best knows no alternative” and that Daimler AG stands for “the best or nothing”. 

Mercedes-Benz genuine brake pads.

Mercedes-Benz genuine brake pads are perfectly designed for your Mercedes-Benz genuine brake discs. The optimum friction pairing ensures high braking power, short stopping distances, and low wear and tear and prevents brake noises from occurring. This is how Mercedes-Benz genuine brake linings contribute to accident-free driving.

Mercedes-Benz genuine brake discs.

When the brakes are actuated, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into heat. The temperature of the brake discs can then rise up to 700 degrees Celsius. High-quality materials and workmanship on Mercedes-Benz genuine brake discs ensure that no deformation occurs and that the vehicle quickly comes to a standstill – for a short stopping distance.

Mercedes-Benz genuine suspensions.

Suspension components are safety-relevant parts which are susceptible to wear and tear. To guarantee ride comfort and your safety, we use the highest-quality materials for Mercedes-Benz genuine suspensions, including for example hardened studs. The optimum tuning of shock absorbers, suspension struts and control arms ensure reliable steering characteristics.

Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers.

The rubber blend specially developed for Mercedes-Benz windscreen wipers help to provide a clear view when you really need it. Even when you’re using Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers at maximum vehicle speeds you won’t see any streaks or blemishes.

Mercedes-Benz genuine screen wash.

With Mercedes-Benz genuine screen washes we make sure you have a clear view the whole year round. These care products are specially adapted to the requirements of each season: SummerFit windscreen washer concentrate removes dazzling effects which can result from drying, hot wax and preservatives after a car wash. WinterFit windscreen washer concentrate contains antifreeze which helps prevent the nozzles from icing up and the washer fluid from freezing on the windscreen. The interior window washing fluid for glass and plastic windows with anti-condensation effect removes dirt, oil and nicotine on the inside of the windscreen from the first application.

Mercedes-Benz genuine headlamps.

Mercedes-Benz genuine headlamps are assembled with the greatest care from high-quality components. For our halogen headlamps for example we use the Mercedes-Benz genuine H7 bulb with long-life technology. Because it has such a long lifespan, only half as many bulb changes are needed compared with conventional H7 bulbs. That means you look good and can be seen for a longer period of time. You can of course obtain a Mercedes-Benz genuine H7 bulb with long-life technology as a genuine replacement part.

Mercedes-Benz genuine oil filters.

Mercedes-Benz genuine oil filters protect your engine from dirt build-up that occurs as a result of the combustion process and ends up in the engine oil. The oil filter has an optimum design for your engine to guarantee the best possible leak-proofing and safety. With its large filtration capacity it reliably filters impurities from oil circulation. This prevents secondary damage to the injection system and engine of your Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil.

Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil was specially developed for Mercedes-Benz engines. It optimises their output figures, provides reliable lubrication for every situation and extends engine life. It reduces consumption and protects the environment. Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil is only available at your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Mercedes-Benz genuine engine air cleaner.

The engine air cleaner is responsible for supplying the engine with enough cleaned air for the combustion process. An insufficient supply could lead to higher consumption, lower output and premature wear and tear. To prevent this from happening, Mercedes-Benz genuine engine air cleaners deliver powerful filtering performance combined with high air permeability. That means dust and dirt don't have a chance and your engine can unfurl its maximum output over a longer period of time.

Mercedes-Benz genuine interior filters.

Mercedes-Benz genuine interior filters are the first and - to date - the only interior filters to have been certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). The characteristics of the ECARF-certified car interior of your Mercedes are maintained to this standard. Using an extremely fine-pored nanofibre layer, Mercedes-Benz genuine interior filters provide reliable protection from pollen and fine particles for the benefit of your health. To guarantee high filter performance, patented guide shafts in the filter ensure optimum dimensional accuracy and a perfect seal in the air conditioner housing.

Rest assured. Mercedes-Benz is working around the clock FIGHTING counterfeiters so that your Mercedes stays a Mercedes

Protection from counterfeit copies.

As it is our objective to prevent accidents before they occur, Mercedes-Benz consistently works to combat product counterfeiting. A special brand protection team works closely together with international law enforcement and customs authorities to remove counterfeits from the market. In addition professional investigators are employed to uncover copycat products. Painstaking detective work is often required over a period of months as the counterfeiters conduct their work underground using increasingly sophisticated methods.

You can stay secure against counterfeit products and the resulting risks by using your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer or service partner. That way you can be certain that you're receiving Mercedes-Benz quality – from genuine parts through to professional installation.