The E-Class Saloon.

Masterpiece of intelligence.


Leads the way, when others have come to a standstill.

A combination of optional driving assistance systems is celebrating its debut in the

E-Class. These innovative systems are not only able to maintain automatically the correctdistance to vehicles ahead on all types of road – motorways, country lanes or in the city –but also to follow in their tracks, at speeds of up to 210 km/h. In many driving situations there is no need for the driver to intervene either by braking or by accelerating, whilesignificant assistance is also provided with steering. Active Speed Limit Assist automaticallyheedsrecognised speed limits and regulates the vehicle speed of its own accordto reflect these, so noticeably taking pressure off the driver. A milestone on the road toautonomous and accident-free driving.

Transported to a better place.

It is inherent in the architecture of a vehicle that, in an accident, the side area is particularlyexposed. So what can we do to protect the driver and front passenger even better? A challengefor our engineers. And their solution: PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side. If this newly developed systemdetects that a collision from the side is imminent, it triggers the filling of air chambers in theside bolsters of the backrests, which happens in just fractions of a second. This impulsemoves the upper body of the seat’s occupant as a preventive measure just a little way towardsthecentre of the vehicle, so increasing their distance from the door. The feature makes itsworld debut here, and enhances the PRE-SAFE® systems to provide 360° all-round protection.

Stimulates unexpected reflexes.

The sound of the future. In an accident, people’s hearing can be exposed to high levels of noise.

We have developed a technology that is able to forewarn the inner ear of the vehicle’s occupants:

PRE-SAFE® Sound. If the vehicle sensors detect that a collision is imminent, a brief acoustic signalis emitted through the vehicle’s sound system, triggering a reflex in the inner ear: the stapediusmuscle contracts and briefly weakens the connection between the eardrum and the inner ear. As aconsequence, the inner ear is prepared for the situation and therefore better protected from highlevels of acoustic pressure. A form of biomechanical hearing protection and just one of the Intelligent Drive features from Mercedes-Benz.

Pure sound in pure air.

The Burmester® high-end 3D surround sound system is an optional extra that has been designed specifically for theinterior of the E-Class Saloon. 23 high-performance loudspeakers and 25 amplifier channels with a total output of upto 1450 W guarantee a hitherto unknown level of listening pleasure. A combination of analogue and digital elements isused here to create an extraordinarily spatial and fascinating audio experience. With algorithms developed exclusivelybyBurmester® for the E-Class, together with four speakers integrated into the roof liner, the 3D surround sound systemallows three-dimensional enjoyment of mono, stereo as well as 5.1 music signals.

Another exquisite form of enjoyment comes courtesy of the AIR-BALANCE package option. A range of exclusive fragrancesis used to create a personal ambience, while the ionisation of the air through increasing the concentration of negativeoxygen ions freshens the atmosphere inside the vehicle. The settings are changed via the Controller and shown in themedia display.

Awareness of light and space.

Climb aboard and feel at home – the pleasant, indirect light provided by the optional ambient lighting1 system createsa very special atmosphere in the interior. At night in particular, it highlights the delicate lines as well as the quality ofthe interior design and conveys a generous impression of space. 64 different colours are available to configure a quiteindividual lighting effect. The ambient lighting is based entirely on LED technology and can be very simply adjusted,dimmed or switched off via the multimedia system. It is activated and deactivated with the exterior lights. It also switcheson when the doors are opened, welcoming you on board. In a space that adapts to suit you.


The wind of change.

Harnessing the power of innovation to deliver a new and sustainable form of mobility. Bringingmore power in conjunction with further reduced fuel consumption. Bringing improved ridecomfort and yet lower emissions. All this courtesy of a completely redesigned generation ofextremely efficient diesel engines. You can also enjoy the E-Class with the silky-smoothcomfort of a 6-cylinder engine or be enthralled by one of the performance-oriented AMGpower units – the portfolio includes the perfect engine to suit every taste.

Making major progress.

The status of the E-Class is reflected in the vehicle’s front. The long, forwardsweep of the bonnet, upright-looking headlamps and emphatically broad frontaspect with large air intakes all promise refined sportiness. Climb aboard for asensation of floating through town. Reach your destination more quickly and ineven greater comfort, because the E-Class is always well informed and wide awake.

Fluent in design idiom.

Powerful. Stylish. Even the silhouette is aligned with the effortless superiority of the

E-Class. The sporty lines, with the high, well-judged beltline and windows that appear to beset lower, give the Saloon an almost ethereal air. A coupé-like roof line flows elegantlyinto the broad shoulders. And into a distinctive rear end that firmly underlines the car’sleadership aspirations.

Enjoy every single moment.

Even more space for self-realisation: the interior of the E-Class, with its new seating conceptand top-level value appeal, offers a heretofore unattained level of comfort, thus emphasizing the modern luxury of Mercedes-Benz. Tangibly exclusive with a large selection of appointments,

Attractivecolour concepts and fine materials such as exquisite leather and open-porewood trim. Just relax and feel at home in an ambience that has been tailored to your wishes.


E 350 e. The hybrid with

The intelligence of the E-Class.

There’s far more than just one answer to the questions of our time – and more than onesolution to its challenges. In the E 350 e, for example, the combination of a 4-cylinder petrolengine and an electric motor produces a fascinating driving experience. The plug-in hybridtakes the Saloon from 0 to 100 km/h without interruption in just 6.2 seconds, allowing an

All-electric range of approx. 33 kilometres and therefore virtually silent motoring. Quick  to delight you, the E 350 e also has the efficiency figures to impress you over the long term:a combined fuel consumption of just 2.5–2.1 litres over 100 km and zero local emissionsgo to show just what is possible with today’s intelligent drive system technology.

Spring magic: AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension.

One feature celebrating its premiere in the E-Class is the optional AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension system.

The multi-chamber air suspension system works in unison with continuously-variable damping control to ensure a veryhigh standard of ride comfort and driving dynamics. The damping system adjusts at each wheel to the actual drivingand road conditions. The result: a soft basic suspension setup, and the comforting feeling of improved driving stability asthe speed increases. Rolling and pitching movements, for example during cornering or braking, are effectively reduced.The level of the suspension is also dependent upon the load. With the likewise optional DYNAMIC BODY CONTROLsuspension, which features steel springing and is lowered by 15 mm, the damping characteristics can be modifiedin three stages, with a choice between a Comfort mode and two Sport modes when a stiffer, sportier setup is required.

DYNAMIC SELECT. Your own personal drive programs.

Whether especially comfortable, extremely sporty or optimised in terms of consumption – with the DYNAMIC SELECT

Controller in the centre console, you can vary your driving experience to suit your mood. The “Comfort” program givesa particularly well-balanced driving experience. “Eco” adjusts all parameters for low fuel consumption, the ECO displayin the multifunction display supports an efficient driving style and, depending on engine variant, the “sailing function” canbe activated. “Sport” is characterised by a further lowered suspension, a sportily stiff damper setup (in each case inconjunction with the AIR BODY CONTROL or DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL) as well as modified shift points. “Sport+”offers an extremely sporty configuration for shifting and damping. “Individual”, meanwhile, allows the driver to vary theindividual parameters at will – from the steering and the powertrain to the suspension.

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