The G-Class.

The first on any road.

Stronger than time.

A long time ago, some engineers in Graz developed a completely new kind of DNA: the DNA of an off-road vehicle – iconic, rugged, almost indestructible. Now we have developed this DNA further: Here is the new G-Class.


Park like a compact car.

When driving off-road, the new G-Class parks where it wants. In the city, there are two optional equipment packages which can assist with parking. The Parking package with reversing camera makes it easier to both find a parking space and to enter and leave parallelor end-on parking spaces. It consists of a reversing camera and Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC. The

Parking package with 360° camera, meanwhile, allows parking and manoeuvring with a realistic all-round view provided by four networked cameras and even gets the new G-Class into tight spaces with ease. A separate off-road view shows the immediate surroundings ahead of the vehicle – a big help when driving in poorly visible terrain.

Always one situation ahead.

With Intelligent Drive, Mercedes-Benz has reached an important milestone on the road to autonomous driving.

Numerous intelligent assistance systems take a lot of the strain off the driver and thus enhance safety significantly for all road users. Away from off-road terrain, Active Lane

Keeping Assist can detect when the car leaves its lane unintentionally, warn the driver by making the steering wheel vibrate, and actuate the brakes on one side to help manoeuvre the vehicle back into its lane. Meanwhile, the

PRE-SAFE® system is able to identify critical driving situations in advance and to initiate precautionary measures to protect the vehicle’s occupants if an accident appears imminent. Such measures include reversible belt tensioning or automatic closing of open side windows, for example.

Thanks to DYNAMIC SELECT drivers have an option for choosing between comfortable, sporty, efficient or individually defined driving characteristics at their fingertips.

Parameters such as the drive system including exhaust flaps, steering, start/stop function, ESP®, assistance systems and the optional suspension with adaptive adjustable damping can be adjusted automatically, depending on the selected driving mode. All for even better on-road performance.

Connects you from A to B.

The new G-Class does not just connect you to the world. Itis also connected to the world itself. Thanks to COMANDOnline, there is practically nothing left to be desired whereinfotainment, navigation and communications are concerned.Information is shown on the 31.2 cm (12.3-inch)high-resolution display of the multimedia system. Thehard-disc navigation provides quick guidance to even remotedestinations with the aid of Live Traffic Information1. Inaddition to this, the Car-to-X communication can warn thedriver of dangers in advance. This involves the exchangeof important information between vehicles, such as dangeroussituations already detected by other vehicles. What’smore, the optional Burmester® surround sound systemwith 590 watts and 15 loudspeakers provides the appropriatesoundtrack for any trip.

Stronger than asphalt:

Extraordinary appearance.

A giant slips smoothly through the urban canyons. For all its power, the new G-Class also delivers vastly improved ride comfort on the road. The effortless superiority with which the off-roader moves through the city draws admiring glances as if by magic. The same thing happens at night: see and be seen. For this, the new G-Class features innovative lighting technology. The LED

High Performance headlamps create a pleasant sensation of light which is similar to daylight and in tune with the way we see things – for more relaxed driving in the dark. All with a breathtaking design that makes the new G-Class really catch the eye.

Stronger than zeitgeist:  

Enhanced rather than changed.

There are moments in which time seems to stand still. Reverential silence then reigns supreme. The G-Class is made for moments like these. There can be no doubt: it is timeless. Thanks to its characteristic design. Its corners and edges are still there. Even though the entire vehicle has been almost completely revised. The new

G-Class is over 12 cm wider and 5 cm longer, for example. The expanded interior offers substantially more comfort on campaigns of conquest around the world.

Stronger than rock:
A monolith forges ahead.

The dune looms relentlessly. Picking a route through the giant sand hills is anybody’s guess.But the new G-Class remains unperturbed – slicing through the terrain, merging with itssurroundings, becoming one with nature. It powers across the wasteland, cuts a swathethrough the desert, literally moves mountains a little piece at a time. And then comes to ahalt. Made it! Majestically it surveys its terrain and celebrates its triumph. This is its destiny.

Its character. Its DNA.

Endless expanses.

t’s as if nature has acted as the model for the generously appointed, spacious interior of the new G-Class – which provides outstanding comfort in even the most inhospitable of surroundings. The new space concept makes the G-Class a paragon of comfort and spaciousness for all occupants. Even the interior design has taken a quantum leap forward. Those who love freedom and exceptional design will find both here.

Enthroned above it all.

The G-Class knows no limits. And that goes for the interior, too. Its outward appearance may have changed little, but inside the new G-Class is almost unrecognizable. The new Mercedes-AMG G 63 likewise stays faithful to the DNA: corners and edges are also prominent in the off-roader’s interior. And the vehicle offers tangibly more space for all occupants. Newly designed seats upholstered in the finest AMG Exclusive nappa leather with diamond stitching and “AMG” badge give a feeling of security – while the massage function provides relaxation whether in the heart of the city or as far away from civilization as it gets.



Stamina means everything in tough terrain. Here there’s no room for buckling orretreating. Here it’s all about character. And strength of character shines through in thevehicle’s backbone. In the case of the G-Class, this has always been the exceptionallyrobust ladder frame. Made from sheet steel up to 3.4 mm thick, the ladder frame is much more suitable for tough off-road use than a self-supporting body. In addition to this,the decoupling of the noise from the suspension and the road reduces the interior noise level and thus enhances the ride comfort.

Full concentration ahead.

Even the toughest of conditions pose little problem to the new G-Class. The low-range gearbox adjuststhe shift ranges of the 9G-TRONIC transmission to driving in off-road terrain and on uphill gradients.Pressing the LOW RANGE button in the centre console increases the torque at the wheels. As a result,negotiating very difficult off-road terrain, moving off on extreme uphill gradients as well as driving

downhill are all possible with significantly enhanced braking performance.

Overcomes obstacles at the push of a button.

Powerful though the new G-Class is, it only ever uses its enormous power where it is needed:when negotiating off-road terrain, for example, there may only be one wheel which hastraction. In this case, the three locks on the centre, rear-axle and front-axle differential ensure that the drive torque is directed to precisely where it is required. Power paired with efficiency – the right way to get ahead.

More statics for more dynamics.

Trust is good, control is better. The new axle architecture ensures that this is the case. Demanding terrain calls for high groundclearance and outstanding traction. Both are assured thanks to the precise independent front suspension and the robustness of the rigid axle at the rear. This design enables the permanent all-wheel drive to deliver its full power and manoeuvre the G through the terrain with purpose. With its high links, the new independent suspension provides maximum ground clearance.

On the road, too, the new axle architecture delivers tangibly enhanced performance, making the new G-Class an impressive

proposition with its better controllability and more precise wheel location. Furthermore, the off-roader is lighter, which further

improves its handling.

As imperious on the road as it is off it.

The world has been conquered. Now it’s time for the road. The new G-Class is also predestined for this. Standard equipment for the new G-Class includes AGILITY CONTROL suspension with a selective, passive damping system. The optional suspension with adaptive adjustable damping enhances the ride comfort and the perceptible driving sensation both on and off the road. The dampers adapt in line with the applied force, optimising the chassis and suspension set-up in any given situation. The roll and pitch stabilisation varies the damping characteristics continually and reduces body movement automatically. Furthermore, the new Direct-Steer system offers the driver a markedly more direct steering ratio. In addition to this, both vehicle handling and agility have been enhanced considerably. The steering effort is adjusted electronically depending on the speed and the selected driving mode. This set-up enables the driver to experience optimum response and steering characteristics at any speed as well as increasing

both ride comfort and driving feel – be it in the rush hour or in the solitude of nature.

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