The new S-Class Saloon.

Feel Intelligent Drive.


Head-up Display.

Keep an overview of key driver information without taking your eyes off the road – thanks to the Head-up Display. It projects a virtual image measuring approximately 21 x 7 cm into the driver’s field of vision, which appears to float around 2 metres in front of him/her,above the bonnet.

Night View Assist Plus.

Only 20% of road traffic is at night-time, but 40% of all fatal accidents occur during this period. This system enables drivers to detect people or larger animals in the dark earlier.They are clearly shown in the instrument display.

Traffic Sign Assist.

The system is able to recognise speed limits, “no-entry” and “no-overtaking” signs and the ends of such restrictions, and display them in the instrument cluster. If the appropriate signs are posted, the system issues a visual and 

audible warning when the driver enters a one-way street against the specified direction of travel.


The MULTIBEAM LED headlamps react extremely quickly to the current road and traffic conditions with individually controllable LEDs. The partial main beam leaves out any detected road users – on an open, straight road the

ULTRA RANGE main beam switches to the maximum headlamp range permitted by law.


Elegant poise and assurance.

The charismatic exterior is impressive with its intense radiance of status

and prestige – particularly the front end with optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, which looks even more distinctive.

Nothing is more attractive than character.

The S-Class Saloon also looks impressive from the side. The elegant dome-shaped roofline creates space, poise and assurance. The bumpers have a sporty design.

Crystal-clear elegance.

Integrated tailpipe trim elements and LED tail lamps in a classy crystal look shine at the rear.

The saloon with the best deceleration.

The interior of the S-Class Saloon makes you forget the outside world –with refined surfaces, tasteful materials and displays that appear to float freely.

The ultimate in luxurious motoring.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Saloon combines traditional elegance with maximum luxury. Its stately appearance underscores this premise from every angle. Always

a pinnacle of automotive luxury: the legendary two-tone paintwork. Nine different colour combinations are available for the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.


Transmissions – translating engine power into refined driving.

Mercedes-Benz is the only premium manufacturer to develop its own transmissions – and you can sense this pursuit of perfection on every drive. The smooth gear changes, the fast response times and the optimal tuning to individual driving

styles create a truly superior driving experience. Experience it for yourself in the S-Class Saloon.

Suspension – the epitome of composure.

Like a runner who compensates every change in direction naturally with his body, the optional MAGIC BODY CONTROL with Curve function automatically responds to acceleration forces when cornering. Passengers travel far more comfortably in the S-Class Saloon.


In combination with variable damper control, the air suspension system ensures ride comfort and dynamic handling at a very high level. The damping at each wheel is adapted to the current driving situation, and can be set for more comfortable or sporty characteristics as required.


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