The new GLC Coupé.

All kinds of strength.

Character actor.

In a world full of bit-players. A statement for added aesthetic appeal. For added athleticism. For added adrenaline. The GLC Coupé shapes some of the most exciting aspects of vehicles to form a confident specimen. This Midsize Sport Utility Coupé, as its category is called, from Mercedes-Benz offers an exciting combination of SUV and coupé elements along with astonishing driving dynamics.


Draws you with it. Urges you on. And can brake automatically.

Nothing attracts more than intelligence. So the GLC Coupé boasts an extensiverange of innovative driving assistance systems. The Active Brake Assist is on board asstandard. This system can warn of an imminent rear-end collision and, if necessary,even brake autonomously. Options include the Driving Assistance package Plus – acombination of multiple systems for a unique level of all-round protection. Thesystem even detects and protects pedestrians crossing at a junction.

Beyond compare with anything.  But networked with everything.

Your music, your contacts, your favourite places. You can integrate everything that makes your life special into the GLC Coupé, where it is displayed in a way that is more fascinating and intuitive than ever before. You can also use the optional Remote Online Services to gain access to a wealth of information about the vehicle on your smartphone. From anywhere and at any time.

Dynamism: the powerful will to change.

Courage, forward thrust and curiosity drive the GLC Coupé on – innovative technologies drive it further: the all-wheel-drive system 4MATIC, the automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC and the air suspension AIR BODY CONTROL. The DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension is a highlight when it comes to driving dynamics. It allows an extremely individual set-up: for thrilling sportiness or relaxing comfort.

Reverse parking. Forward thinking.

Reversing into a parking space and manoeuvring is much easier and safer with the optional reversing camera included as standard with the GLC Coupé and optional for the GLC. The camera shows the driver the area behind the vehicle on the multimedia system display. Dynamic guide lines provide clear orientation during driving manoeuvres. Depending on the steering angle, they visualise the trajectory, the vehicle’s width and various distances from the rear end. When reversing out of a parking space, for instance from a driveway, switching to wide-angle mode allows a viewing angle of 180 degrees to help detect approaching vehicles or pedestrians sooner. A flap underneath the Mercedes star, which opens automatically as soon as reverse gear is engaged, protects the camera from getting dirty.

Shows you more of the world.

The optional 360° camera makes parking and manoeuvring with a realistic all-round view possible with the help of four networked short-range cameras. A bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings can be displayed on the screen of the optional COMAND Online control and display system. Obstacles below the window line are also visible to the driver. This is helpful, for example, when approaching kerbs. One camera is centrally mounted in the radiator grille at the front; there is one in each exterior mirror and another one in the centre of the boot lid. In various views, additional guide lines are displayed to make parking easier. The display also shows the vehicle’s range of movement for the current steering angle. The views change automatically, for example when changing from forward to reverse gear, and can also be individually selected.

Emotions at the press of a button.

Comfortable, sporty or entirely individual suspension settings can be called up with the DYNAMIC SELECT Controller in the center console. The “Comfort” drive program enables particularly harmonious driving. “ECO” adjusts all parameters for low fuel consumption, the ECO display in the multifunction display supports an efficient driving style, and depending on engine variant the “sailing” function can be activated. “Sport” is characterized by additionally lowered suspension, sportily taut damper tuning (in conjunction with optional AIR BODY CONTROL respectively), a more progressive steering characteristic feel plus modified shift points. “Sport+” means extremely sporty shifting and damping characteristics. The “Individual” drive program allows the driver to vary individual parameters at will – from the steering and the drive system to the suspension. The lavish visualization of the selected drive program on the media display is an experience in its own right.

The eyes take in the information. The ears take in the emotion.

Keep an overview of key driver information without taking your eyes off the road – thanks to the optional Head-up Display. It projects a virtual image (approx. 21 x 7 centimetres in size) within the driver’s field of vision. This image appears to float over the bonnet around two metres ahead  of the driver. The information is displayed in high-resolution and in colour. Depending on equipment, the information displayed may include navigation tips, speed, speed limits or settings for cruise control or Distance Pilot DISTRONIC, for example.


Follow the ideal line.  With your eyes

The sporty-looking silhouette of the GLC Coupé is characterised by dynamism and elegance. Meanwhile the broad shoulders of the body, the extended proportions and the horizontally oriented tail lights lend the car a confident, progressive look. The optional sporty and exclusive AMG Line gives a further edge to the design. Every line and every detail appears to be urging forward.

Individuality, quality and modernity. An interior with all the finest materials

Closing the door of a Mercedes-Benz has always been a very special experience. There are few other vehicles in which superb quality is quite so immediately tangible. Admire the seamless transitions, the elegantly quilted upholstery, the exclusive trim, the intricate colour concept and the large-screen displays. What other midsize SUV dedicates so much space to making you feel at home?

The standard equipment.

Comprehensive safety equipment unique in this class. Comfort features which make every journey that little bit more pleasant. A raft of practical details and a high standard of workmanship. All this is on board the GLC as standard. For responsible, thrilling and luxurious driving, day after day.


1/Comfort in the air. AIR BODY CONTROL.

The GLC Coupé cushion the occupants so that they almost feel as though they are travelling on air. Thanks to AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension. It ensures outstanding ride comfort even when the vehicle is fully laden. Through automatic height regulation, depending on the current speed, the fuel consumption can be reduced and handling safety enhanced. In addition the ground clearance can be increased on rough roads or on difficult climbs using the level adjustment switch. Without restricting comfort the AIR BODY CONTROL also improves a dynamic driving style.

Springing and damping forces are thus adapted fully automatically during evasive maneuvers. This helps ensure that the car remains calm and controllable even in critical situations. The dampers at the front and rear axle are continuously adjustable. The air springs can be set at three stages of tautness. Using the controller for DYNAMIC SELECT the driver can select totally different driving characteristics by choosing modes that place the emphasis on comfort or sport. An extremely pleasant side effect of the AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension: when at a standstill the driver can lower the tail end of the car by 40 mm in order to make loading and unloading easier. The switch for lowering the car is located on the left-hand side wall in the load compartment.