The GLC Coupé.

Model of a new generation.


LED Intelligent Light System.

Apart from its striking looks, the LED technology impresseswith more safety at night, light distribution adequate to the situation and a light colour similar to daylight

Parking Package with 360° camera.

Thanks to four interlinked short-range cameras, a bird’s eye view of the vehicle and the area around it can be shown on the multimedia display. Obstacles below the window line are also made visible to the driver. This helps, for example, when approaching kerbstones. Various views additionally show guide lines to facilitate parking.

Head-up Display.

Keep an overview of key driver information without taking your eyes off the road – thanks to the Head-up Display. It projects a virtual image measuring approx. 21 x 7 cm into the driver’s field of vision, which appears to float above the bonnet about two metres in front of the driver.

Dynamic Select.

The Dynamic Select switch lets you select particularly comfortable, sporty, and efficient or fully customised handling characteristics with a simple finger tap. Parameters such as the characteristics of the engine, transmission, suspension, and steering system are adapted in line with the selected driving mode.

Higher seat position, comfortable motoring.

The raised seat position in the GLC Coupé makes for a literally highly superior driving experience. From this pole position, you can enjoy the driving dynamics and agility of a sports coupé – a unique experience.


A character actor in a world full of bit players.

Nothing is more exciting than contrasts that become one. Muscle and aesthetics. Dynamics and functionality. SUV and coupé. The outstanding character traits of two different automotive worlds have come together here to create something new: a sophisticated, pretty cool character.

Ideal lines from two worlds.

With a combination of SUV and coupé elements, the GLC Coupé shapes some of the most exciting aspects of the automobile to form a new, confident specimen.

Insatiably challenging.

The GLC Coupé aims to exceed expectations. It breaks with conventions. Ignites pioneering ideas. And arouses enthusiasm for the functional capability it offers.

New standards in terms of look and feel.

The exclusive seat upholstery layout, the sophisticated colour concept, the large-screen displays: what other midsize SUV gives over this much space to your wellbeing?

A place for the highest standards.

It’s not just the high seating position that makes the GLC Coupé a cut above the rest: there aren’t many other vehicles in this class that manage to convey that top-quality feel with such immediacy.



The air suspension system is combined with continuously variable damper control. This is fully automatic and electronically controlled. The vehicle and wheels are optimally damped thanks to fast and precise adjustment ofthe damper characteristics to the driving situation and road condition. The feeling of safety at high speeds isconsiderably improved by speed-dependent, continuous adjustment of the damping.


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