The GLE.

Driving pleasure is an attitude.


LED Intelligent Light System

To ensure the best possible vision, the LED Intelligent Light System adapts automatically to the prevailing weather, light and driving conditions. Apart from its striking looks, the LED technology impresses with more safety at night, light distribution according to the given situation, a lightcolour akin to daylight and less dazzle.

Parking package.

Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC makes it easier to find a parking space and to enter and exit parallel and end-on parking spaces, as well as to exit parallel parking spaces. If the vehicle is travelling at a speed below 30 km/h, the system indicates with a “P” symbol and a direction arrow on the multifunction display of the instrument cluster that it has detected a parking space. Once the driver engages reverse gear and confirms the suggested parking space, Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC carries out the steering manoeuvre by itself up to a speed of 10 km/h. In this process, the driver needs to operate the accelerator and brake pedal; parking is completed in a maximum of seven moves.


Washer fluid is sprayed directly ahead of the wiper blades and wiped away immediately. The heated wiper blades effectively reduce the risk of icing up.

Head-up display.

Keep an overview of key driver information without taking your eyes off the road – thanks to the head-up display.It projects a virtual image into the driver’s field of vision, which appears to float around 2 metres in front of the driver above the engine bonnet. The scope of functions is partially dependent on the selected equipment. The high-resolution display is in colour.

COMAND Online.

Navigation, telephone, audio, video, internet – with the COMAND Online control and display system the driver keeps these and many other functions in sight and under control.

Information is shown in high-resolution and in colour on the large 20.3 cm media display. Operation via touchpad is simple and intuitive. It serves as a full-featured means of entering data and commands in addition to the existing COMAND controller and

LINGUATRONIC, and features multi-touch control using gestures with one or several fingers.


Energising comfort and exemplary safety.

In rush hour, during a long drive at night or on an unfamiliar route – your GLE makes driving noticeably easier, particularly in stressful situations. It’s all down to a concept that makes every journey in a Mercedes-Benz such a safe and exceptional experience: Mercedes-Benz

Intelligent Drive. Because the time you spend behind the wheel is your time. Time for relaxation. Time to replenish your energy. So that, first and foremost, you reach yourdestination safely, but are also relaxed when you get there.

On-road or off-road, Summer or winter.

Its impressive power makes it the perfect towing vehicle. And its independence is infectious. Look forward to little escapes and big adventures – and every moment in between.

Discover the great comfort of the Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV.

Inside, the dynamic off-roader is designed for your comfort, making long distances a breeze. Take a look at an interior that makes every journey one to savour.

Driving pleasure is an attitude.

Depending on the equipment level, the DYNAMIC SELECT controller in the centre console offers a choice of up to six different drive programs. Comfortable, sporty, optimised for winter conditions, for off-road use or according to individual preferences: parameters such as engine, transmission and steering characteristics are modified in accordance with the selected drive program (only in conjunction with AIRMATIC package).

High sitting position. Low stress level.

From the moment you step inside the GLE, the off-roader’s hallmark raised seat position quite literally offers the highest level of comfort. Power-adjustable seats for the driver and front passenger provide ideal support and excellent comfort on long journeys – which can be further enhanced with seat climate control or multicontour seats featuring massage function, luxury head restraints and seat cushion length adjustment.


4MATIC all-wheel drive.

Off-road or on-road, in wet, snow or ice: traction, driving dynamics and driving stability are improved in combinationwith ABS, ESP® and the electronic traction system 4ETS. And the all-wheel-drive system does without conventionaldifferential locks. The wheels with insufficient grip are braked in a targeted manner and the drive torque transferredto the wheels with sufficient traction is increased. With these rapid, automatic braking impulses virtually the sameeffectcan be achieved as with three differential locks.

The main component of 4MATIC is a single-stage transfer case with an open planetary centre differential, whichbalances the difference in speed between the axles. The defined 50 : 50 power distribution between front and rear axleguarantees supremely assured, predictable handling characteristics.


With the GLE you can enjoy every metre on the way to your destination. You can use the DYNAMIC SELECT controller to adapt its handling to your wishes: comfortable, sporty, optimised for winter conditions, for off-road use or according to your individual preferences. The optional Off-Road Engineering package’s “Offroad Plus” drive program provides the optimum settings for driving off the beaten track. Its low-range gearbox facilitates slow and better-paced off-road driving, with a high level of traction.


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