The GLS.

S-Class among SUVs.


COMAND Online.

Navigation, telephone, audio, video, internet – with the

COMAND Online control and display system the driver keeps these and many other functions in sight and under control. Information is shown in color on the 20.3 cm (8-inch) high-resolution media display. Operation via touchpad is simple and intuitive.

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC.

This driving assistance system helps the driver to maintain a safe distance from the traffic ahead and to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane. Active Distance Assist

DISTRONIC offers a high degree of stress relief, in particular on long journeys and in stop-and-go driving.

The radar-based system brakes the vehicle where necessary, and then accelerates it again up to the desired speed whenever possible.


The adaptive windscreen wiper system provides the driver with an optimum view even while wiping. Washer fluid is sprayed directly ahead of the wiper blades and wiped away immediately. The heating system effectively reduces the risk of icing.

LED Intelligent Light System.

For better visibility on country roads and motorways, when turning or cornering, the LED Intelligent Light System adapts to light and driving conditions automatically. All the headlamp functions are carried out with consumption optimizedLED technology.

Automatic climate control with three climate zones.

With three climate zones and three climate modes, THERMOTRONIC provides an individually customisable feel-good climate on board. The temperature and air distribution can be set separately for the driver, front passenger and the rear of the vehicle.Sensors keep the desired climate in each of the zones constant. A sensor for air quality and noxious gases permanently monitors the quality of the exterior air drawn in. In the event of increased pollutant levels, the system automatically switches to air recirculation.


Thanks to the numerous standard and optional equipment items available to it, the GLS embodies calm and composure in every situation.


An S-Class when you want one.

An SUV when you need one.


The Mercedes-Benz GLS combines the poise and assurance of an SUV with the luxurious comfort of an S-Class. Explore and enjoy the highlights in full.

Climb aboard and feel at home.

With its pleasant, indirect light, the ambient lighting creates a special sense of well-being throughout the interior. The lighting can be selected from a choice of three available colours.



With nine forward gears, this automatic transmission raises efficiency, comfort and dynamics to a whole new level. It impresses with even swifter and smoother gear changes. At the same time 9G-TRONIC helps reduce fuel consumption. The broad transmission ratio range makes a reduction of the engine speed possible.

With unchanged excellent performance, ride quality is enhanced and noise emission is reduced.

At the same time 9G-TRONIC impresses in the way it delivers almost imperceptible gear changes. As the transmission can jump gears, multiple downshifts are possible forpowerful, swift bursts of speed.


Comfortable, sporty, winter-optimised, off-road-capable or entirely individual suspension settings can be easily called up using the DYNAMIC SELECT Controller on the centreconsole. Parameters such as engine, transmission, suspension and steering characteristics are modified in accordance with the selected drive program.

The balanced and consumption-optimised “Comfort” setting is active by default whenever the ignition is switched on. The “Sport” drive mode, with a more direct steering characteristic curve, a sportier damping setting and modified shift points, offers greater agility and dynamism. Drive mode “Slippery” delivers optimised handling on iced-over and snow-covered road surfaces. This is made possible by the improved engine and transmission settings, which ensure the best possible traction.


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